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Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Services


Professional furnace installation, repair and inspection.

Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Services

Light Commercial HVAC

A trustworthy and reliable source for all of your light commercial HVAC needs.

Victorville, Ontario and Redlands’s Best HVAC Contractor

At Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in providing full spectrum heating and ventilation repairs and installations. We consider ourselves experts in the field of HVAC services, and have proven to be a trusted source after many years of providing high-quality work to our customers. We pride ourselves on upholding an uncompromised standard of professionalism, friendliness and timely style of conducting business that we believe has earned us the reputation that we continue to cultivate today.

Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning Residential and Commercial HVAC Services
Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Experts

What sets us apart

We are a family owned and operated business. We employ a tight-knit team of qualified professionals that we trust. Our company is registered and insured, which means you never have to worry about liability or uninsured workers. We are committed to growing with the ever-changing trends in the HVAC industry to ensure that our skills are up to date and qualified. Friendliness and accommodation are two extremely important things that our company was built on. You will never feel overlooked or taken advantage of as long as you put your trust in us. We provide fast and efficient services 365 days a year, with no exceptions. We believe that air quality is something that cannot be compromised on and that is why we always go the extra mile to ensure that yours is top notch.

Customized and affordable HVAC services

At Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning, we always have your best interests in mind, and that kind of attention to detail starts the moment you call one of our friendly team members to discuss your personalized service. We always try to accommodate you as best as we can by providing the most comprehensive and personalized service possible. To us, every client is a unique opportunity to learn and grow, and become even better at what we do.

At Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning, we have one goal in mind, and that is to provide all of our clients with maximum comfort, air quality and energy savings. We want to save you as much money as possible and we do that by using high-quality equipment sourced from trusted companies. We never cut corners or sacrifice quality for price. At Onyx Heating & Air Conditioning, we bridge the gap between quality and price in a way that you have never experienced before!

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